Watch the movie Romero and analyze how Oscar Romero models the Jesus we find in Luke’s gospel.

Analyze the movie Romero and its content, applying concepts from the text, class notes and class discussions to the questions below:

A. Romero’s Siding with the anawim: Just as Luke’s Jesus sided with the anawim, so did Romero.
1. Define anawim?
2. Who are the anawim in Romero’s day and country?
3. When does he side with them?
4. Why does he side with them?
5. Did he always side with them? What are the key events and who are the key people which cause him to change?
B. Criticizing Those in Power: Luke’s Jesus confronts and criticizes the religious leaders of his day, the “Lawyers and Pharisees.”
1. When does Romero confront those in power and criticize them?
2. Who does he confront?
3. Why does he do so?
4. When does Romero act like Luke’s Jesus in regard to material possessions?
C. Risking His Life: Luke depicts Jesus as confronting authorities, even if it means he will lose his life.
1. In what dangerous circumstances does he risk his life?
2. How does he demonstrate a firm resolve to speak truth to power without resorting to violence?
3. Why does he do this?
4. How is Romero like Jesus when he says, “If I die, I will rise again in the Salvadoran people?”
D. Forgiveness: Luke depicts Jesus as offering mercy and forgiveness even as he is dying on the cross, even to those who crucified him.
1. What scenes depict Romero as modeling forgiveness?
2. In what scenes does he call people to forgive their oppressors?
3. In what scenes does he call those in power to repentance and offer forgiveness?


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