Aligning the needs and priorities of adult learners

•    Using the texts for this courses as well as your own research, develop a set of ten substantive criteria for evaluating whether an education or training course meets the needs of adult learners.  An example of a criterion could be as follows:  “The learning outcomes are relevant and useful to adult students’ efforts and expectations.”
•    Select at least three training or education courses to be evaluated.  For example, you may use courses in the Master’s program in Education at Strayer University or courses in other graduate or undergraduate programs.  An example of a training course is the “CPR Training” given by the American Red Cross as well training courses offered by other community organizations or your employer.
•    Obtain as much printed or electronic information about the selected courses as possible.  Your goal is find sufficient information to be able to accurately and effectively rate your selected courses against your criteria.  Examples of course information could include syllabi, student guides, catalog descriptions, brochures or other marketing materials used to recruit students.
•    Rate each selected course against each of your criteria on scale of 1 to 5.  Provide a brief rationale for each of your ratings.  Based on your ratings, provide an overall assessment of each course’s ability to meet the needs and priorities of adult learners.
•    Submit your overall assessment, criteria, ratings, and references for each course.


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