Analyzing Your Co-Workers

You have an audience surrounding you every day at work. Read assignment 3.12 on page 84 and think about your co-workers as a primary audience. Use the questions listed with the assignment to help you build content and then brainstorm how you can build goodwill with the communication between you and your co-workers. Do not just list the answers to the questions in your memo, but construct a meaningful memo directed at your co-workers in order to create goodwill.
Page 3.12c page 84 questions
1. What do your co-workers do?
2. What hassles do they face?
3. To what extent do their lives outside work affect their responses to wo work situations?
4. What do you co-workers value?
5. What are their pet peeves?
6. How committed are they to organizational goals?
7. How satisfying do they find their jobs?
8. Are the people you work with quite similar to each other or do they differ from each other? How?


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