What are the differences between ethnocentrism and Eurocentrism, and how is modernization or westernization an example of one, the other, both, Or neither?

Be sure to:
1. Define these 2 “-isms” – ethnocentrism or eurocentrism (1 page)
2. Rely on and integrate ideas from the assigned readings and class discussions in your essay, using in-text citations (Lee, p.x) or (Toth, {date}, personal communications)
3. Construct a logical and well-thought-out argument or explanation that sufficiently answers the question
4. Compose a well-written essay with proper spelling and grammar

Modernization can include, among other things, a capitalist market economy, political democracy, parliamentarianism, governmental bureaucracy, schools & mass education, mass communications & transportation, industrial & post-industrial technology, nationalism& patriotism, individualism, science, and secularism.


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