Assessment 4: Individual Development Plan


You will prepare an individual development plan which will provide your personal career goals for the next 5 years, with a detailed action plan of how you will achieve those goals.

Follow these steps:

a)    Use the template provided, or use similar headings and create your own document.

b)    Carry out research to complete each section of the development plan. You would benefit by starting with finding suitable job descriptions and at least one mentor.

c)    Extend your knowledge about your career opportunities by talking with a person in a job that you would like to have in a few years’ time.

d)    Explore online methods to promote yourself to employers.

e)    Try to take up opportunities for networking – with fellow students, professionals, and employers. Those students who have joined SHRM should make sure their profiles have good information.

f)      You will need to spend time reflecting on your achievements of the past and considering clear goals and objectives for yourself.

g)    Each section should contain good detail.  If you are general you will not achieve high marks.


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