Assignment # 3

  1. What is the difference between the primary activities and the supporting activities in Porter’s Value Chain Model? (20 points)
    1. Identify and describe an information system or application that can be use to support any of the primary activities. (10 points)
    2. Based on the Porter’s competitive forces model, explain the how IT can be a substitute product (20 points)


  1. Briefly discuss the Alignment Strategy and the Impact Strategy.  (30 points)
    1. Base on the strategic grid describe an IT system/application that will be a perfect fit for the strategic quadrant. (20 points)


  1. Can IT system or application be a source of sustainable competitive advantage (20 points)


  1. Identify briefly discuss two things that IT managers need to plan for (30 points)


  1. Conduct a brief research on any topic within the IT field and write half a page about it with at least 2 references (50 points) Sample topic include
    1. E-Commerce
    2. M-commerce
    3. Cloud computing
    4. Business Process Outsourcing
    5. ERP implementation in medium size enterprise
    6. Etc. (You are free to pick any topic of your own choice)


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