Barriers to Organizational Improvement

PURPOSE: To encourage the student to develop an in-depth knowledge of a particular area of interest regarding organizational improvement and change. The student should select a topic that they find to be relevant in their current situation and/or that they believe will benefit them in the future and develop intellectual capital (expertise) on the topic.
3. INTRODUCTION: A clear statement of why the topic should be of concern to the reader. c. PAST AND PRESENT PERSPECTIVES ON THE TOPIC: Provide the reader with a review of current views on the topic. You should include current articles and books as the basis of this discussion. When you reference an article or a book in the body of the paper, do it as an end note. A minimum of ten (10) references should provide at least minimal coverage of a topic with a number that corresponds to a reference at the end of the paper.

IMPLICATIONS FOR THE PRACTICE OF ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT: This section should be a discussion of the key issues discovered in the Review of the Literature section as they pertain to the practitioner. Provide the reader with specific advice on what they should be doing as an effective manager to deal with the topic of your report.
e. CONCLUSION: Put a lid on the paper challenging the reader to take your advice and to implement it in an organizational context.


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