Business Markets and Buying Behaviour

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Must have a clear and concise statement of the major problem, a critical well structured analysis of the situation that support your recommendations and a clearly articulated implementation strategy.

a) Problem Statement: your definition of the key problem to be resolved in the case. You should also identify the issues associated with this problem.

b) Situation Analysis: a summary of the situation at the time of the case. Should include an examination of all the material contained in exhibits for relevance and a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the business situation presented.

c) Alternatives Available: you must review the pros and cons of each possible alternative solution.

d) Recommended Course of Action: the course of action that you feel has the most likely chance of a positive outcome.

e) Implications: any course of action has certain specific implications for owners and managers. These need to be briefly identified and the possible ramifications presented.


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