Business & Society

Explain one method shareholders can use to exercise their legal rights as shareholders. Explain how either using or not using this method affected the corporate governance in the corporation you researched.

•Explain in detail one way to help ensure that corporate directors can be held more accountable to the stockholders they are legally obligated to serve.

Explain in detail how you think responsibility should be shared between manufacturers, retailers, and consumers for the safe use of consumer products.
•Some product safety problems may not become evident for many years after a product is introduced. For example, long-term medical effects may take decades to develop. Explain how much product testing you think should reasonably be conducted before a product is released for sale.

Explain in detail how much control you think employers should be able to exert over what employees do when they are away from the workplace.

•Some governments have tried to legislate how people behave in ways that some people find too invasive, (e.g., New York City’s ban of trans fats use in restaurants). Explain in detail how much control you think government entities should be able to exert over how people behave.

Explain in detail why you think there are some types of discrimination that are not illegal.

•Assume that an employer wants a diverse workforce, but does not have many diverse candidates apply for open positions. Explain in detail the steps you think employers should be required to follow in order to seek out diverse candidates with appropriate qualifications


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