Business Studies

Each student will be assigned a different company with a different nationality. The student will identify 3 foreign markets where the company desires to do business. The student adopts a functional perspective (International marketing manager, HR manager, Finance manager, Accounting manager, Operations manager) for his/her role in writing the paper. Your report (Term Paper) will advise and guide senior management with regard to the best market to enter. Your instructor will supply an outline (Country Cultural Audit, Economic Analysis, Market and Competition Analysis, and International Marketing Strategy Outline) for those who need help with structure of their research and writing. Each topic will have a separate section, with subsections, if necessary. The graphs should be in the body of the paper with source listed under the graph. As stated earlier, the paper should be in APA style with all
references in the end. Students are expected access and reference company reports, government reports (Department of Commerce, for example), UNCTAD and WTO statistics, competitive reports, and business journals (The Economist, Business Week, Wall Street Journal).


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