1. What is Capitalism?
A. Define
B. Examples ( Life & Debt Movie)
C. Historical Facts From This reading (Karl Marx Communist Manifesto)
D. How does Capitalism effect Global issues such as Multi -Corporation in global labor in women
E. Thesis Statement-how is capitalism affecting global labor for women
2. What is Feminization of Global Labor?
A. Define
B. Examples (“Global Cities and Survival Circuits” by Sassen)
C. How did Global labor start for women, like what ways?( ( Use this reading to support the question, ” Life on Global Assembly line’ )
D. How are women being treated? Do they get paid minimum wage? (When Mom Comes Home from Christmas)
E. How does Capitalism affect global labor for women?
3. What is Multi- Corporations?
A. Define
B. Examples ( Global Assembly Line Documentary Movie)
C. Why does the Multi- Corporations hire only women and how are they being treated?
D. In what ways does the Multi- Corporations affect global labor for women, like what are the effects of it? Also the structural adjustments? (Immanuel Wallerstein reading)
E. How does Capitalisms affect global labor women?
4. Conclusion
A. Summarize why does multi-corporations causes and effects global labor
B. What can be done for women to have treated equally? ( Whose Choice? Flexible women workers in the tomato food)
C. People should be aware of how capitalism affect global labor , why is it bad? and why does multi Corporation forget about human rights?


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