chapter 13 and 14

Book is (Major Problems in American Popular Culture, edited by Franz and Smulyan)
Answer these questions as a point not essay
Chapters 13 and 14- Social and Cultural History
Ch. 13: Intro- what is soft diplomacy and what is its purpose? How do audiences respond to cultural exports (such as Disney)?
1-jazz: what is ironic about the US sending a jazz musician to Europe? What is the significance of Jazz music?
2-carton: how many symbols of US consumerism can be found in the drawing?
3-Disney: what is its appeal, its power? Does it shape culture or reflect it?
4-McDonald`s: how do Taiwanese people use McDonald’s? what impact does it have on their traditions?
5-Pokemon: how did the Japanese capture the US market?
6-hip hop: why did Ceza choose rap as his form of music?
What is globalization? How is it experienced?
What is time-space compression?
Are the receiving cultures weak? Are they simply being injected with US businesses without thought or resistance?
Are commodities culture?
What are the 2 contrary effects of globalization?
How does the authentic reappear in this context?
The Americanization of Turkey occurred how?
What are the results and concerns?

Ch. 14: Intro
How is the Internet shaping the world, popular culture, and people`s lives? What questions are being asked again as people appropriate this new media?
docs-What do each of these articles bring to the debate? Why were they included in the chapter?

Do people participate more or less in electronic games than in earlier versions of entertainment? Do they have control of the outcomes?


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