Classic English Literature

For the next three days, keep a log of each incident where you or someone you know, uses profanity, hate speech, slang, euphemisms, humor or defamation.

There must be included three days of specific data regarding the use of profanity, hate speech, slang, euphemisms, humor or defamation. When creating your log, be sure that:
• Each category (profanity, hate speech etc.) is clearly identified.
• The log indicates where you/they were, who you/they were with, what you/they said, and why you/they chose your /their use of language.
• Every specific entry is complete, includes details and is easy to follow.

Use Chapter 5 and the following questions when compiling a 2-3 page paper that analyzes and describes your/their language behavior.
• The textbook describes language as having an arbitrary nature. What does arbitrary mean, and how does that definition fit in with your language log?
• What are profanity, hate speech, slang, euphemisms, humor and defamation language?
o Choose at least two of the types of language and explain them as well as providing particular examples to answer the specific questions below.
o What were the particular settings and people who were more accepting of your/their use of profanity, hate speech, slang, euphemisms, humor and defamation language? Who were the people or what were the settings that were least accepting of these types of language? Why were some settings and people more or less accepting than others?
• Refer to your log. Consider the messages from your listener’s perspective, and then discuss when the following mistakes were or could have been made: Shared Knowledge Error, Shared Opinion Error and Monopolization Error.
o Explain at least two of the three types of Errors and provide specific examples of times when you think the errors were or could have been made.

When writing your paper, explore and include additional concepts from chapters 5, 6 and 7 as well as previous chapters. Be sure to include appropriate definitions and textbook citations, thorough explanation, and evidence from your language log as well as your textbook to support each of your examples and conclusions.


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