Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and Observational Learning

Part 1
The text describes three primary learning theories: Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and Observational Learning. We will focus on all three of these theories in this discussion. You will apply classical conditioning, observational, and operant conditioning to a situation in which something is learned, using these theories. You may use different examples if this makes it easier for you to understand.
First, describe how something is learned using classical conditioning. Be sure to identify the unconditioned stimulus, the conditioned stimulus, the unconditioned response, and the conditioned response. For the second example you will use the theory of operant conditioning. For your third example you will use observational learning. Be sure to identify in your example the Schedules of Reinforcement. The schedule is as follows:
1.Intermittent Reinforcement = only some of the responses made are followed by reinforcement
2.Fixed interval (FI) schedules
3.Variable interval (VI) schedules
4.Fixed ratio (FR) schedules
5.Variable ratio (VR) schedules

Part 2
1.Define learning and how it works.
2.Read the article on page 221 of the text, Can Animals Learn Language? What do you think about the research conducted by Kaminski, Call, & Fischer, 2004? If you have a pet, does your pet have the same abilities as Rico in this study? What makes you believe that your pet is capable of learning language? What have you done to help your pet to learn language?
3.The Basic Principles of operant conditioning include a schedule of reinforcement and punishment to produce learned behavior. B.F. Skinner is well known for his work in this area with the Skinner box. What was Skinner trying to explain with this experiment? What type of schedules of negative and positive reinforcement did he use in this experiment? Did any ethical issues come into play in this experiment?


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