Introductory Paragraph

An introduction paragraph provides the purpose of the memo and outlines the topics to be covered. Headings are used when more than one topic is covered in the memo. It’s important to pay attention to the subject line, topic headings, paragraph spacing, second-page notation, and memo verification. These single-spaced memos should be 1-1/2 pages.

Summary of Main Points

Briefly summarize (two or three paragraphs) the 3-4 major points that you find most interesting in the article or chapter. Please use subheadings or bulleted lists.


Do you agree with these main points? Why or why not? Do you see something differently from the way you saw it previously?  If so, please explain. Relate the information in this article to a personal experience or observation of others. How can you use this information to enhance your communication skills?

In conclusion, a brief conclusion paragraph is needed to tie the memo topics together.


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