Assignment # 1
Research paper.

Select one mainstream newspaper in English and two ethnic newspapers, preferably published in this country. The ethnic newspapers can be written in a foreign language, bilingual or in English. Do not select two ethnic newspapers from the same ethnic group; i.e. El Diario/La Prensa and Hoy.

Explore the EDITORIAL content of these newspapers. Read their local, national and international news; their columns and editorials; and their special sections, including Entertainment, Sports, Features, Food, etc.

If you don’t know the foreign language, ASK for help from anyone you can friends, relatives, fellow students, professors, the foreign newspapers editors (they are usually very helpful). Take advantage of the many internet sources on this subject.

Address the following questions:

What kind of news do they report? For example, do they put more emphasis on local vs. national or international news? Are they more interested in sports than entertainment; in opinion than news, etc.?

Compare mainstream and ethnic newspapers and determine what they could
learn from each other.

What is interesting or different in the way they cover sports, culture, entertainment, etc.?

Written Report:

Write a 500-word report on what you find.

Your report will be posted in the appropriate Unit under Course Material, where you’ll be expected to read and comment in Discussion Board on your fellow students essays.


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