comparative criminal justice system vs international criminal justice system

The terms comparative criminal justice system and international criminal justice system have been used interchangeably by scholars for obvious reasons. However, some scholars have indicated that their interchangeable usage is misleading because both terms do not literally mean the same thing.
First part for Part I: Assuming that the statement above is true that both terms do not literally mean the same thing, how does international criminal justice system differ from comparative criminal justice system? Explain the differences between a comparative criminal justice system and international justice system and how they are applied. Provide a minimum of two differences and provide an explanation.
Part II (of part one): Based on what you have learned thus far about comparative criminal justice, what influences do you see in the U.S. criminal justice system?

Part 3
Deliverable Length: 6 PowerPoint slides ( with speakers note/ 8 references)

Select a country different from your own, and prepare a presentation for a group of your colleagues to familiarize them with that country’s criminal justice system. Using newspapers, magazines, or the Internet, create a 6-8 slide PowerPoint presentation (including speakers notes) answering the following questions:
1. How is the system in the country you have chosen different from that of the U.S. system?
2. What are the similarities and/or differences historically and politically?
3. How do the cultural aspects of that country influence its system?


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