Compare Gertrude from HAMLET and Jocasta from OEDIPUS in their attitudes toward their husbands, their positions in society, and their sons.

As you develop each of your body paragraphs, pay particular attention to the use of the QUOTATIONS. Again, they should be:
smoothly incorporated into sentences of your own
When quoting from a critic, clearly introduce the quote by sying something like “According to critic Sam Jones . . .”
Be sure that you use internal documentation correctly.
The first time in each paragraph that you quote, be sure to use the author’s last name and the specific page number.
If the very next quote is from the same author, you need only give the page numbers, but if it is a different author, then you must give author’s name and page number.
Remember not to put a comma between name and page number, nor do you use a “p.” to refer to page; simply use the author’s last name and then a space followed by the page number.
Refer to the model essay in the supplemental file to see how this is done correctly.
Remember that each body paragraph should have 3-5 quotes from the plays and 1-2 quotes from the critics.
Avoid using quotes in the introduction or the conclusion.
Never use a quote in the topic sentence or the concluding sentence of a body paragraph.


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