Pick two classes from your major that you are taking this semester, and write a 5-paragraph (about 800-1000 words) compare OR contrast essay.
The two items should make sense to compare or contrast. For example, you might compare two baseball teams, but not a football team and a baseball team. As you select your topic, keep in mind that you won’t merely be describing the two things you’re writing about – you will be emphasizing the ways they are different or alike. For instance, how does a math teacher you have in college differ from one you had in high school? How is your job as a salesperson similar to a job you had as a receptionist last summer?
2. The introduction should give the reason for the comparison or contrast, for example to determine which is the more or less desirable of the two. The thesis statement should clearly present the two items to be compared or contrasted (the subject) and the criteria for the comparison or contrast (the main points). *The main points must be grammatically parallel.
3. The main points must apply equally to both items. For example, if you are comparing typewriters to word processors, the categories of screen size or color may not apply.
4. Organizational method is Point-By-point method.


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