Write a 650-750-word essay in which you profile an educational location The catch with this one is that you are describing a LOCATION. Again, we will be using the five paragraph essay structure. We have already done an event. So, we don’t want to repeat that. This one is location, location, location. You may choose to profile a local school, or you may take a nontraditional route and profile a library or museum, work environment, or any other location where learning takes place. At this point in the writing process, you should work at generating as much material as possible. Be sure that your RD contains what your textbook identifies as essential components of profiles: a specific focus, a vivid presentation, and indication of the significance, and an engaging, informative plan.

The key, as noted earlier, is to describe a PLACE. Start with the obvious. What does it look like? This should be the main focus–what it looks like–a visual description. Then, you may include short statements for other senses…smell? feel? sound? But, the focus should for sure be the visual. And so on. We’ve already described events. Now we are describing a LOCATION. It will help if you actually say this in your thesis. Again,
describe a location. Don’t get off track telling me about the people who work there or all the school sports or things of that nature. Sure, you
could have a little about a person who makes that place what it is, and you can add some detail about various programs and such, but I would
not describe my kitchen to you by saying what meal I prepared last Sunday morning, right? I would start with the shape, the color, the light, the decor, and so on.


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