Corruption and Integrity

Corruption and corporate and personal integrity are increasingly important in the global economy we live in today. Many national and multinational companies face serious cultural dilemmas including corruption and honesty/ integrity issues.
Select two of the most corrupt/ low integrity countries in the world and two of the least corrupt/ high integrity countries in the world. A good source for researching this topic is found on the Transparency International web site: Compare and contrast the most corrupt countries with the least corrupt countries. What are the trends in corruption for these respective countries? What are the major differences between the most and least corrupt countries you selected? What influence does culture play in the countries business ethics? What are the major ethical problems of the least ethical countries? What issues or actions favor the most ethical countries? What are possible ways to lessen the corrupt and unethical behaviors? How does your home country compare with the least and most ethical countries you selected? Please explain.


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