1.    What are the factors which are affecting crime trends in the United States? Is age and gender a factor in the crime trends of this country?

2.    Discuss the problems of crime victims. Do they receive everything that they need to become whole again?

3.    Is it possible for apprehended offenders to change from commission of a crime to sentencing? What is the appropriate punishment if change is noticed while incarcerated awaiting trial and sentencing? Should it be taken into account at sentencing?

4.    A variety of mental disorders have been linked to criminal activities.  Discuss whether criminals who have been deemed mentally ill should be incarcerated for their offenses or be housed in a mental health facility.  Is it appropriate to incarcerate someone with a mental illness?  Are they “getting away” with the crime if they are housed in a mental health facility instead of a prison?

5.    Should there be a separate category of hate crimes? Are enhanced penalties a deterrent for such crimes?

6.    Some citizens view probation as merely a “slap on the wrist.” Discuss which criminal offenders are best served by probation and why probation is a correctional necessity. Consider what problems might realistically emerge if probation were removed as a sentencing option.


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