Critical Analyse an IT project Management Plan (Majority on PMBok)

Critical Analyse an IT project Management Plan.
Writer has to provide the Project Management Plan.
Integrate academic Theory is mandatory
20 or more cite from PMI , book or journal only.
The Project Plan is required as Appendix.

The report structure is expected to be as below:
1. Introduction
– to provide an explanation of the reason for preparing the document and a brief summary of the contents
2. Background of project
– to provide details of the project to understand the reasons for, and context of, the analysis(include Organization structure, PLC and Stake holders.
3. Critical analysis of the Project Management Plan
3.1 Nature of Venture
3.2 Nature and Purpose of chosen Project Management Plan
3.3 Audience of project management plan
– Who is the intended audience for this PMP? Why? What do they need? In what way do they need it? etc
3.4 Structure of the Project Plan
– Discuss how the PM plan has been structured, and why the respective components have been included
4. Contents of the Project Plan sections
– Discuss each of the major sections of the plan and provide some theoretical framework for what is included (Describe all nine knowledge areas Project Scope, Time, Cost, Procurement, Quality, Risk, Communication, Human Resources, Integration)
5. Conclusions
– Summarise this discussion of the Project Plan in relation to your project.
What did you find out about the project plan? Does it conform to the recognised theory?
What aspects are important and are of significance to the management of this, and similar, projects?
6. Recommendations –
What are your recommendations flowing from this analysis? What changes could or should be made for management of this, or similar, projects.
Appendices to support analysis – to provide appropriate additional and relevant information and/or documents to support the discussions and arguments in the body of the text


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