In this assessment, you are asked to participate in, review, and critique a cultural activity that has been chosen by yourself specifically for this course and this assignment. Cultural activities that you have experienced in the past prior to this course may be referenced or alluded to but will not be accepted as a legitimate activity for this assignment. Write a reflection paper on your learning and observations. Organize your thoughts into a minimum 1200 word paper. Relate the activity to at least one period covered in the course. Make sure you address each of the items on the scoring guide
Examples of cultural activities include: Museum trips, Period Plays, Ballet, Orchestra (possibly relating to a famous composer), International Film, Virtual Field Trip, Literature, Music, Religious Services, Documentary Films (television or video) or other activities that may be suggested or approved by your instructor. Be sure that your paper includes a complete description of the activity that you chose, what period it relates to, how it compares with work from other periods, a brief statement on why you chose this activity and a complete critique.

Cultural Activity Review outline
1. What activity did you choose?
a. Name of activity
b. Location, Date, Time
c. Why did I choose this?
d. Did I understand this activity or event before I went there?
2. What happened while I was there
a. What did I see, what happened, how did it progress
b. Did my understanding of the activity or event change after attending?
c. Did I gain value or what value would this hold for others?
d. I liked or disliked the event
3. Compare and contrast to similar activities or eras from the course
a. How was the activity historically significant


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