Current Event

Students will summarize one newsworthy current event related to Business Ethics. This must be an actual event and not an essay or opinion article. Most current events are found in newspapers.
The current event summary should be posted on the discussion board under the “Current Event” link. The summary should include the full source of the information, a brief summary in your own words (about 1/2 page) of what was reported, and specifically how the information from the event is related to the topics we are studying (between 1 and 2 pages). Do not directly copy and paste in the actual article. Use your own words in your summary. Include between 4 and 5 key points and cited references to the textbook. Chapter and page numbers from the textbook should be included. For example, it is not enough to say we studied conflict of interest on page 210. You must state specifically how our study of conflict of interest on page 210 is demonstrated in the current event.


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