Curriculum Trends in Education

1. Prepare and submit a researched-based 800-1100 maximum-word paper, using APA format, on curriculum trends. The paper should be written in 1st person. Minimum requirement for the number of sources used is five. Please use a variety of sources. This paper will require looking into the future. Technology will be a major component in these trends and I hope to see some good research on what may develop. If your research results are too close to what our current classroom standards/curricula are, you will need to research further. I am looking for some good futurist thoughts. Take a look at business/education to make your predictions.

2. Answer the following questions in your paper. Please use headings in your paper using these ideas (these are not headings):
a. What curricular changes will we see in the next 10 years and why?
b. What will be the content of curriculum in the next 10 years?
c. What and who will influence content?
d. Who will be involved in its development and design?
e. What part will you play in curriculum development in the next 10 years?
f. How will these changes impact you personally?
3. Use direct quotes sparingly and wisely. All information cited through internet sources must be included in reference. If research is found on-line you must include web address in citation on reference page using APA format.


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