This assignment should be typed and double spaced and include a Reference pages, complete with the bibliographical information for the article:
Author of article
Year of publication
Title of Article
Title of Journal
Volume Number of Journal
Pages Numbers of Article
Must include article with paper. The article must be from Once you navigated to this website you should:(1) Click on J under APA directory. (2)Select "journals"(3)Browse through the journals by title.(4)Select a specific journal(5)Click on one of the "selected articles"(6)make sure that it is a research article(look for methods , results and a disscussion)and(7)Include a copy of the articles with your paper.
This paper should include a synopsis of the article.
–Includes thorough, thoughtful and theoretically- based application of the study results
1. What was the question the researcher was trying to answer?
2. Who were the subjects?
3. Did the subjects complete questionnaires, were interviews used, or was another information gathering technique used?
4. What kind of informaion was collected?
–Includes through discussion of results and conclusions
1.What were the results of the study?
2.What conclusions did he or she come to?

This paper should also include an analysis of the findings from the article.
–Includes thorough, thoughtful and theoretically- based application of the study results

1.How do the concepts presented in the article relate to an area of psychology discussed in our course?
2. Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions?
— Includes thorough, thoughtful and theoretically based discussion of how the results could be used to better our world.
1. What do the results mean in terms of improving the human condition?
Includes a references cied page, formatted to APA guidelines.


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