Dickens women in the view of 20th centery reader

One way of approaching this paper is to take your journal article and critique it relative to the novel A tale of two cities.
Do you agree with the author if the article? Why or why not? The main issue is to integrate both historical background and critical writing into your own view of the novel

We can use this to identify places where Dickens’ perspective is at variance with current historical perspectives. We must remember that Dickens is writing a novel and not history. His political and social concerns are part of a larger web of concerns that are developed as themes and sub-themes in the story. We must also think about Dickens’ perspective on the England of his day. By the mid1850’s, revolutions were losing their luster because they represented destructive social upheavals. The implications of both Marx and Darwin on mid-19th century thought was profound. Many thinkers and social activists were seeking better distributions of wealth as a way of improving the conditions of the working classes.


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