Discussion Questions for Week 11

What are the similarities between the memo at the beginning of section 6 and the memo about Ben Franklin in the prologue?Are there any differences between the two memos?
Box 9 discusses Open communication at Lincoln Electric.What was the main point made in the text about open communication preserving the organizational Hierarchy?
Do you think that Open communication can actually result in lower level employees influencing management?
In your previous experience, have you had any managers who claimed to be open communicators or to have an open door policy?Did they live by such rules?What influence did their actions have on company or organizational morale?
Chapter 39
“How could Bonnie bring off in a few minutes something that personnel specialists had been trying to do for a year?”
When is it okay to “go over your bosses head”?
In your previous experience, have you ever had a subordinate go over your head?How did it make you feel and how did you react?
In your previous experience, can you think of any similar situations where a low level person, through their ignorance, got something accomplished that higher level people could not get done?
Given this tail, how might you approach your boss differently in the future about implementing a similar change such as getting rid of some useless rule or policy?
Chapter 40
Why does Kerry react the way he does to a simple thing such as Ted rearranging his office?
Does a simple matter such as how an office is arranged, where it is located, or the type of furniture in it communicate certain messages about the office’s inhabitant?
Why Not just let Ted restructure his office?
Compare Ted’s view of status and communication with Kerry’s.
Chapter 41
What is the problem with Ted’s feedback/evaluation in Scenario #1?
How could Claude benefit from feedback that is more descriptive and less evaluative?
In what way is Claude the victim of a “self-fulfilling prophecy”?
Is Ted’s attitude common in business these days?
Chapter 42
What is the basis of the misunderstanding?
In your opinion, did Ted over react?Did Leslie over react?
Have you observed similar incidents in your previous experience?
What would you do as of the end of the chapter if you were Ted?If you were Lesley?


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