Discussion Questions for Week 12

What was it that Drew Bolt did not understand?
Could the “boundaryless” concept work in some organizations?
Was Bolt’s fate typical for a whistleblower?
In your previous experience, have you been associated with a Drew Bolt type character?What did they do?What happened to them?
Chapter 44
Why is so much importance attached to status symbols?
After our discussion of Chapter 40 and 44, do you feel differently about symbols?
Have you had any previous experiences similar to the ones described in this chapter?
Will you set your office up any differently now in the future after reading Chapters 40 and 44?
Chapter 45
Why did Ben take the Actions he did?
Were the actions that Ben took ethical?
Can you summarize the lesson of this chapter in a commonplace expression?
What function is served by “corporate witch hunts”?
In your previous experience have you seen any similar actions taken by a manager?
Chapter 46
What did Ben achieve through his use of humor?
Should you use humor in similar circumstances?
What risks are involved in Ben’s approach?
What is the main reason that Ben was able to get away with making a joke of Ted’s program without any consequences?
Have you ever witnessed an individual try to use a similar approach to Ben’s with much different results?


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