DODGEBALL movie and the Gym

1. Critique Globo Gym’s T.V. advertisement. Include a review of the marketing technique used. Pros vs. Cons. Is there any other type of marketing technique used in the movie?

2. Average Joe’s Gym is going under, what ways could they increase sales? What changes do you feel they need to make?

3. Address any safety and health concerns for each Gym.

4. Compare Average Joe’s and Globo Gym’s atmosphere.

5. Compare Average Joe’s and Globo Gym’s prospective members (target audience).

6. Peter La Fleur vs. White Goodman ‘s leadership & management styles

The 2 questions are not about the movie

1- Describe 2 indications for terminating a GXT (can be absolute or relative ) ?

2- Describe 2 purpose of conducting a GXT?


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