Early Renaissance through the Baroque Era

In about four pages, excluding any sources cite/bibliography, respond to the assignment. Use the following guidelines for submission:
1) 10, 11 or 12 point font
2) Use Times New Roman, Arial or Courier
3) Double-spaced and one inch margin on all sides
4) No header/title page other than your name
5) APA or MLA styles for sources; about three sources is appropriate

TOPIC: Thinking about the Early Renaissance through the Baroque Era, what do you believe to be the three most important individuals, events or innovations that have the MOST impact on today. Focus on analysis rather than summation.
In your analysis, you should clearly link your choices to the modern world. Finally, you should identify the event, person or innovation from contemporary times you believe will have the most long-range impact—measured 300 years from now.


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