Read: Fullan, M. (2001). Understanding change. In The Jossey-Bass reader on educational leadership (2007, 2nd ed., pp. 169-181). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

In chapter 12, Michael Fullan comments: “…many of us have concluded that change cannot be managed. It can be understand and perhaps led, but it cannot be controlled” (p. 170). Fullan then goes on to list six items to consider in “Understanding the Change Process” ( p. 171). For this discussion session, the first question (3.1) will focus on items 1 to 3 , while the second question (3.2) will focus on items 4-6.

Question 3.1

Review the initial three change ideas offered by Fullan: “The Goal is Not to Innovate the Most” (pp. 172-173), “It is Not Enough to Have the Best Ideas” (pp. 173-175), and “Appreciate the Implementation Dip” (pp. 175-176). Within these three sets of ideas, identify some ideas that you find relevant, explain why you found those ideas of interest, and connect them to what you see happening (or not) within your own organization.


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