Lorenzo Milmo

Professor Seany

English 1302

April 10, 12


Are We All The Same?


Many Mexicans that come to the U.S are Marginalized and Stereotyped by Americans because of their culture, racial features, and ethnicity.


  1. Americans treat of most Mexicans as criminals because of what is happening in their country.
    1. Some times Americans judge all Mexicans because what they hear or see in the news.
    2. Many Americans think Mexican Immigrants are stealing their jobs.
    3. Many Mexicans are thought as inferiors to any American Citizen because of his racial features.
      1. Some Americans generalize their way of seeing persons depending on their skin tone.
      2. They even mistake other Latin Americans with Mexicans because of the language.

III. Mexican culture is well known around the world, but some Americans generalize all Mexicans to be the same.

  1. There are many hard working Mexicans in the US but there is always that person who is lazy, because of this Americans think that most Mexicans are lazy.
  2. Some Americans think poorly of Mexicans because of their way of living.


            Even though there are many legal hard working Mexicans in the US most of them are marginalized by Americans, because their lack of knowledge and ignorance. Mexicans are persons just the same as Americans; this means they should have the same rights and respect. To have different cultures, skin color, or nationality was not something we chose. People are still people they all have the same feelings, and can get hurt the same way as all. This is why persons should not judge others in order of their appearances. There is an old saying that says “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”



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