The research can address a variety of purposes. For example, your purpose might be clarification if previous research has overlooked important research findings. Your purpose may be to inform, if the knowledge of a subject is vague or obscure. The purpose may be to persuade if previous argument present logically fallacies and make hasty generalizations. In short your purpose should convey or express the reason why you are writing.

Your paper must be structured as follows:

1- An abstract; brief overview/summary of what you discuss in the paper. It must include the five basic element of an abstract: transition, purpose, thesis, significant, and implications. The length must be between 125 to 250 words on separate sheet of paper, but included within the text.

2-introduction: about a page long. The introduction will provide the following: a brief discuss of your topic, a definition or your topic, a discuss of why your topic is an important social issue, a discussion of what you want to learn more about, a research question, and a response to your research question in a thesis statement.

3- A literature review. The purpose of a literature review is to provide background information on your topic.

4-after you have reviewed the literature review on your subject; you want to begin your argument. Again your argument incorporate the reasoning and evidence needed to support your claim/thesis.

5- The conclusion of your paper refocuses the reader attention on the thesis and on the information essential to your argument. In addition, share your insights, the knowledge that you have acquired from conducting your research (do not just summarize, conclusion worth 20%)

6-the paper must have a cover page. 10 pages, doubled space. The cover page and illustrations do not count toward the required numbers of pages. The paper must include a reference page with at least 10 sources. Reference page does not count toward the required number of pages. Sources must come from scholarly journals, books, published government reports, and mainstream newspapers, and approved internet sources. The font size must me 12. You must use citation when referring to the source of information used in your paper.


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