Environmental Stressors

Write a paper that thoroughly discusses each of the following bulleted topics. For each topic, list 3 key bulleted points or subtopics in five words or less and then write a paragraph about the topic based around the 3 bulleted subtopics or key points. It is mandatory to use the 6th edition APA format when citing references and include 3 references from peer reviewed sources. Make sure that the sources you use are cited within the papers and do not use direct quotes.

o Define the concept of stress.
o Explain the physiology and psychology of stress.
o Describe at least three environmental stressors (e.g., extreme weather, public congestion, pollution) and evaluate the affect of these stressors on individuals.
o Discuss strategies, including through utilizing technology, to manage your selected environmental stressors.

Include at least three references from peer-reviewed sources.


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