Environmental studies and Fore

Essay must address the following issues: These headings must be included in the essay).

1.- Synoptic description of the environmental issue:

Describe the specific problem, DO NOT spend time and space giving generalities on the topic. For example, in preparing the Izmit Earthquake essay do not include general aspects about earthquakes, but go directly into the situation of the earthquake in Izmit. The same applies to the essay. To address this issue, you should think as if you were asked the question of what happen in that particular disaster or event. You need to thoroughly describe the disasters. Next, you should give any supporting statements that would help to enhance the description. But keep in mind that you should be as detailed as possible to give a complete description of that particular disaster. Make sure that you do not mix description with causes of the disasters or event.

2.- Causes of the Environmental Problem:

To address this point think as if you were answering the questions: “Why does the environmental disaster happen?” and “What causes that particular disaster or event?” These questions need to be focused on the particular issue. You should address this point from general to specific. In some cases general means global, then a regional cause and finally you should include one or two local causes. Pay attention to course activities and discussions presented in the assigned URL’s links, as often information and discussion in them are directly related to your essay topic.

3.- Occurrence of the Environmental Issue:

This issue has to do with the question: Where does the disaster or event happen? Usually this question needs to be answered from general (planet wide) to specific, or in other words from global occurrences to regional (continent wide to local). Note that this is a geography (locality) issue. You should also incorporate course material given in the activities of each unit and the information provided by specific cases. This is particularly important in citing occurrences in different localities, so do not hesitate to incorporate additional materials you have found in your own browsing as well as other references.

4.- Social and Economic Impact of the Environmental Issue:

This point should also be addressed from general (or global) views to specific, citing several examples such as those given in the activities section of each unit. It is likely that some links may contain data related to this issue, for example statistics, amount of damage, etc.

5.- Personal Suggestions for Preservation and Recovery of the Disaster, Environmental or Biological Problem:

It is likely that several of the web links included in the course unit will present issues related to this topic. You should be able to take some ideas from those sites and elaborate your own suggestions on the way in which this type of disaster can be prevented and how the public can recover from that particular disaster.

6.- References Cited and Citations in the text should follow a uniform format. It is important to give the source of the information and also to clearly distinguish between your own statements and those derived from your readings and website browsing. All the citations in the text and reference cited in the corresponding section should follow a uniform format according to standard models of Citation Style for Research Papers


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