Evaluation Essay

1) Write an essay (1,000-1,250 words) that evaluates a subject. You should choose a subject that you can make a confident judgment about, so think about your areas of expertise.
2) Brainstorm/Organize-You might choose to evaluate a book you have just read by your favorite author, your favorite cell phone, or a restaurant that you visit frequently. The key is to choose a topic with which you are familiar and that you have a strong opinion about either positive or negative.
3) Research-You should utilize at least three outside sources to support your argument.
4) Draft-In your essay; you should begin with a solid introduction that brings readers into the argument why should they care about this evaluation?
a) Briefly introduce the topic (give the title, author, and a one-sentence summary of the book), and state your judgment clearly.
b) Remember to be firm about your opinion. Do not say something like, It has its good points and its bad points.
c) In the body of your paper, you should back your evaluation up with solid reasons and support.
d) Make sure to describe your subject for readers unfamiliar with it and give them a context for understanding it. Your purpose is to convince readers that your judgment is informed and based on generally accepted standards for this kind of subject. You can find examples of many different kinds of evaluations/reviews on


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