Final Exam

Final exam

The current financial crisis in Southern Europe and Greece in particular raise important questions regarding issues of the state sovereignty, and the degree to which the general population of the country has a role in determining national economic and financial policy. As member of the EU, Greece is finding itself dependent on foreign intervention and policy impositions aimed at easing its financial crisis.

Examine this issue in terms of the following:

1.How did Greece get its current crisis situation?
2.What remedies are offered to the Greek government for solving its financial problem?
3.What are the socio- economic and political implication of the so- called austerity measures being implemented in Greece?
4.How is this similar to what is now happening in the other European states facing fiscal crisis?

Use the following 2 article as well as 5 other similar articles.


Present your understanding of the global environment of business in a song, dance, poem, cartoon, skit. etc


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