Fire Hazard Analysis

The Business Express Hotel is a 3 story hotel with all 3 floors identical to each other. The height of finished floor to finished floor is 13 feet. The plan provided is for the 3rd floor of the structure. The water is from a municipal source that is supplied through a 6” main. A hydrant in the vicinity of the hotel produced the following results:
Static = 55 psi
Residual = 24 psi
Pitot pressure = 19 psi through a 3” discharge (C=0.8)

1. Perform a complete Fire Hazard Analysis of the entire hotel in question. You should be able to determine the most probable design scenarios based on the fuel packages present within the structure and provide a logical analysis of a fire in this structure. The end of the fire hazard analysis should consist a recommended design section containing:
a. Whether the use of the code is acceptable, or if it will be necessary to go above and beyond. Justify why…
b. Design recommendations based on the developed scenarios.
c. Fire Protection code requirements if applicable.

All information and sources used should be from NFPA and following NFPA Codes and requirements.


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