Fluid Power in the Entertainment Industry

The use of fluid power tends to be tied to somewhat monotonous and boring uses in industry.  The fact is fluid power has many exciting and fun applications as well.  It is used in animatronics, theater, movies, and theme parks to name a few.

Your assignment is to research the more glamorous uses of fluid power in magazine articles, journals, website searches, etc.  You will need to set aside time to browse through several articles, and then read at least four articles carefully from beginning to end.  This is a research project, and research requires that you read the sources as well as finding them.

 Purpose:To research how fluid power is currently being used in a more artistic manner.  This paper should exclude topics such as carnival rides, and more mundane applications.

Audience:You are recruiting potential students to join the ETECH program at PSU.

Voice:  More experienced college student, or young professional who has experience in fluid power and design; confident and professional.

Emphasis:What is Fluid Power and how can it be applied in the entertainment industry?

Support:Include a minimum of four sources for your paper.  At least one of your sources must be from a journal, and at least two from a magazine.  Use information from your sources but take it apart and reassemble it into your own representation of the material.  Do not cut-and-paste or submit a series of summaries of your sources.


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