Gas Permeation

This week, your task is to design an experiment for the Gas Permeation system. You must use your knowledge of chemical engineering and your resources to:
1.    Perform a mass balance for one set of data. Calculate the molar flow rate for each component and the non-permeate and permeate streams.
2.    Calculate flux, stage cut, percent recovery, and separation factor.  Include relevant graphs for the permeate and non-permeate data (such as: total permeate flux versus stage cut, percent oxygen recovery versus operating pressure, separation factor versus stage cut, etc.)
3.    Calculate the separation factors for each stage and for the two-, three-, and four-module system. Compare the counter-current data (stages 1 & 3) to the cocurrent data (stages 2 & 4).

4.    Calculate the mole percent of oxygen and nitrogen in the feed stream and compare this with literature values for air.


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