Outline for Final Project





Description of Ethical Problem


Societal Concerns Arising from the New Genetics

Fairness in the use of genetic information

Privacy and confidentiality

Psychological impact and stigmatization


Describe the major stakeholders or viewpoint


Insurers, employers, courts, schools, adoption agencies, and the military, among others.


Detail the position of each stakeholder or viewpoint

Insurers: Access to family history in order to anticipate profit gain or revenue loss

Employers: Most employers still see the expense of employee medical insurance as an unavoidable cost.



Adoption agencies:
The military:



State and explain the major ethical conflict between or among stakeholders in the problem

Who should have access to personal genetic information, and how will it be used?

Who owns and controls genetic information?

How does personal genetic information affect an individual and society’s perceptions of that individual?
How does genomic information affect members of minority communities?


State and explain at least two ways one might manage the ethical conflict


State and explain your resolution to the ethical conflict


State and develop your response to the criticism





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