Green Movement

Write a 550-word essay or more about an early pioneer in the environmental movement, specifically someone who was active in the “green movement” before it was popular (i.e., prior to the 1960s). Precisely how you write the article is up to you, but I do want you to write as if you are a professional journalist. So, be creative and write your essay in a way that makes your story come alive. The maximum credit that can be earned on this assignment is 38 points, which will be added to your next test.

The best one in the class will be published in Our Wonderful World, the green digital magazine of which I am Editor in Chief and Co-Founder.
Please check out our latest issue by clicking here:

If you didn’t already see our November issue, please take a minute and look at it as well because Dr. Jean Wihbey, Provost of the Eissey Campus, was our cover story. Here’s that link:


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