Health Goal and Country

Part 1
Write a health-related goal (personal health not career), two (2) objectives, and a corresponding plan of actions (for each objective) for reaching your goal. You need to read the online lesson on Writing Goals and Objective( which is below). You need to learn to write goals and objective that are clear, concise, and objective. You are to format you Health Related Goal as follows:
Objective 1:
Plan of Action

• (as many as you need)
Objective 2:
Plan of Action

• (as many as you need)

Online lessen On objectives

What is a Goal?
A goal is a broad statement of something that you want to achieve. As a health care professional you will also write goals for what you want your patients to achieve. Think of a goal as something that is long-term. It might take a month, a year, or even multiple years to achieve.
I’m guessing that everyone has a goal to graduate with a degree in a specific health care profession or to obtain a certificate from a particular health care program. Now along with wanting that degree, some might even have added by WHEN they’d like to graduate. For many, this will be be several years down the road; but it is your goal! Sometimes that goal is too big so you have to start a little smaller, like finishing up a quarter with passing grades in all your classes.

What is an Objective?
Having a goal, knowing where you are going, is great, but when you are looking at something that is going to take several years to achieve, it can feel like you are never going to get there. That is where the objectives come in. The objectives are who is going to do what (intent) by when.
Example: You are just starting out here  and this is your first quarter. You have many classes to finish up before you can be accept to your program.
GOAL: To be accepted into the nursing program by ______ (fill in a date).
o Identify all courses that need to be completed to be eligible for nursing program by (date).
o Complete two courses a quarter with a”C” or better for each of the next four quarters.

What is a Plan of Action?
Now that you know what your goal is, and you have identified a number of objectives that must be achieved to reach that goal, the next step is to put together a plan of action for EACH objective. This would be listing the steps you will take achieve that objective. This of this like a check-off or ‘to-do’ list.
• Identify all courses that need to be completed to be eligible for nursing program by (date).
• Make an appointment to meet with counselor (NOT during registration period) to allow more time for discussion – complete by (date).
• Organize a list of all classes that must be completed prior to acceptance into program.
• Discuss with counselor which classes would be better to complete when, or if there are classes that are not offered at certain times or have to be taken in a particular sequence.
• Determine prerequisites for classes to make sure they are taken first.
• Explore option of online classes and whether that would be a good alternative for completing some of the classes.
Now, it is possible that your action plan may need to contain more steps, or maybe even fewer steps, but you want to have the steps you need to take to complete that objective. You will do a plan of action for objective.

The part above should be half of the page, while part 2 below should have the rest of the pages

Part 2

Using your Internet searching skills summarize (this means putting in your own words and not copying word for word which is plagiarism) the following information. Other good resources for finding information about your country include and . NOTE: for EACH section you MUST INCLUDE WHERE you found your information (i.e. URL to the site where you got your information). Remember, you need this for EACH answer!
1. BRIEFLY describe your country, its geography, language, and major religion.
2. BRIEFLY describe the history and politics of your country.
3. What is the infant mortality rate for your country?
4. What is the average life expectancy for males and for females in your country? (You need to have two numbers – one for males and the other for females.)
5. From the information you learned about the country, what are 5 important points that health care professionals should be aware of?


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