how beneficial is foreign investment for developing countries

“read the attached article, ‘how beneficial us foreign direct investment for developing countries?’ write an essay that describes the main points of this article and in doing so answer the following questions:

1. how resilient has foreign direct investment(FDI) been in past economic crisis?

2. explain the somewhat paradoxical finiding that FDI is relatively bigger portion of total inward investment into riskier countries.

3. describe one or two situations in which FDI might not beneficial to developing countries.

4. according to this article, what is the best soultion for developing countries to increase the overall amopunt of inward investment of all kinds – FDI, portifolio investment, bank loans, etc?

5. although not covered in this article written in 2001, how do you think FDI behaved in the economic recession that began in the second half of 2008? why?

again, describe the main points of the article while answering the questions listed above.


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