Humor and Physical Health

Read Chapter Two in The Lighter Path to Resilience and Health and complete the LTD outline. Choose 3-4 sub topics for the assignment. 1. Definition of Terms and Concepts: List all the words you are not familiar with. Write them down and their definitions.

2. Statement of Author’s message: Write down your version of a general statement of the author’s message.

3. Identification of major themes: Identify the subtopics in the article.

4. Discussion of major themes and subtopics: Write out a brief statement of the subject matter of each subtopic. Design a question that you would ask for each.

5. Integration of material with other knowledge: Write down the meaning or usefulness the material has for understanding other concepts. Indicate what other ideas the material substantiates, contradicts, or amplifies.

6. Application of the material: Write down how the material can apply to your life situations-past, present, or future-or what implications the article has for your own intellectual interests or pursuits.

7. Evaluation of author’s presentation: Write down your reactions and evaluation of the assignment.


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