Ideological Work Of Religion In Dracula

The paper has to be about the book written by Bram Stocker “Dracula”. The writer has to be involved in the essay means, it has to argue about something in the paper.It has to use the word "I" in the paper to show the opinion of the writer. the essay has to have at least 2 sources,however, the more, the better.ALSO, it will be great if one of the sources to be the Story written by Bram Stocker and the book name is "Dracula". It is the main source that my professor was using during our classes to help us for the paper.Note: in the first file that i attached to my order, it mentions 2 steps, I DO NOT WANT you guys to do the Research proposal for me. I ONLY want you guys to do the research paper which has to 1925 words. please be on-time.


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