If being too eager to prosecute amounts to being unwilling or unable genuinely to do so

• Prepare a thesis structure properly,
• Discover, digest, analyse and critique relevant primary sources,
• Same with secondary sources.
(i) Take the research question, ask "What subsidiary questions do I need to answer in order for me to answer the research question?" and take detailed notes of your thoughts;
(ii) Re-read all of the scholarly writings you have collected, taking detailed notes of your thoughts as you go;
(iii) Identify in the footnotes of these writings further sources and authorities, chase them and read them as well, taking detailed notes of your thoughts as you go;
(iv) Visit the ICC website and read all relevant Kenya-related decisions and Libya-related decisions on admissibility, taking detailed notes of your thoughts as you go; then;
(v) Develop at least three alternative outlines of what your thesis should contain, each such outline taking a clearly different point of departure and analytical angle from the other.


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