Individuals enact leadership in the context of an organisation’s culture.

Being a leader is more than the sum total of a series of personal experiences and relationships. Rather, individuals enact leadership in the context of an organisation’s culture. Sometimes in the course of that enactment, the leader and followers may even enact a subculture within the organisation’s culture. What does it mean to be a leader in a cultural context?
With these thoughts in mind, review the list of organisational cultural descriptions on page 516 of People and organizational culture: a profile comparison approach to assessing person-organization  (Reilly, C.A. III, Chatman, J. & Caldwell, D.F., 1991) article.
Then, in a 750-1000 word response, address the following in your post to the Discussion Board
This article is a positivist piece of research, and it identifies values that are often used in describing an organizational culture. How would you recast the notion of person-organisation fit from a sense-making perspective?
Identify an organization that you are part of and select 3-5 items from the list that most reflect your experience of the organization’s culture. From your selected list of 3-5 culture profile items, describe experiences that you have had that seem to be consistent with those profile elements. In your explanation, please also describe how you believe that individuals in the organisation played a role in the development of those cultural attributes


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